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I would like to operate Stepper Motor. Please let me know which controller products I need in order to organize the related system.
I would like to increase the cable length of 5 phase stepper motor. Please let me know how to do. 
Please let me know how to wire and set up DS16-RT and PLC_XGT from LS company with the communication. 
Please let me know the model name of the display unit, which has RS 485 communication function.
I am controlling Motion using LP-S070 series and MD5-HD14. When operating them, CW direction rotation is working properly but CCW direction rotation is not working properly.
Please let me know What the problem is?
Is there a way that can increase the number of input/output contact built in LP-S070 Series?
Please let me know how to wire I/O device by the use of the motion function in LP series.
Please let me know what I have to check at frist when the communication connection between GP-S070 series and PLC is unstable.
I would like to receive the data from PC using RS485 communication. In some cases by the kinds of communication command, only NAK is received. In other cases, the date is not properly received.
Please let me know about the communication terminal of MT4W and Y series and RS485 communication type model of the series.
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